Paw City Grooming Salon

Located at: 5617 E Saginaw Hwy, Suite D, Grand Ledge, MI 48837

Hours: By Appointment Only
Note: grooming services may be completed in your home, please add a $25 house call fee.

We believe in specialized one-on-one care in a cage-free, relaxed environment. Focusing solely on your pet, our groomers provide patient and loving care to animals of all ages, personalities, sizes, and breeds. We believe even the most timid of pets deserve the opportunity to be pampered by skilled and compassionate groomers.

In order to maintain a cage-free environment, we request you pick up your pet within thirty minutes of being notified your pet’s groom is complete.  Any owner who is unable to pick up their pet within thirty minutes of notification will be charged a $20 fee. 

Dog Bath & Blowout

Includes: Bath & blowout, brushing, nail trimming, bows and/or bandanas and finishing spray.
Small Breeds (0-19lbs) - $35-$45
Medium Breeds (20-39lbs) - $46 - $55
Large Breeds (40-74lbs) - $56 - $70
XL Breeds (75+ lbs) - $71 & up

Complete Dog Grooming

Includes breed specific haircut, bath, drying, brushout, nails, ear plucking & cleaning, bows and/or bandana, and finishing spray.
Small Breeds (0-19lbs) - $50-$60
Medium Breeds (20-39lbs) - $61- $75
Large Breeds (40-74lbs) - $76- $90
XL Breeds (75+ lbs) - $91 & up

Cat Grooming

Brushing: $15
De-Matting: $15
Haircut: $40-$50
Bath: $25-$30 (only recommended when there is an odor, dirt/debris or fleas otherwise cats do a great job with self-grooming)

*New cat clients must schedule a phone consultation to discuss your pet’s health and temperament, as well as your desired goals.

Individual & Add On Services

Nail Trim - $10
Nail Grinding - $15
Medicated Shampoo (RX from your vet) - $6
Flea & Tick Shampoo - $6
De-Matting Fee - $15
External Anal Gland Expression – $10

Tidy-Up Trim - add $15 to Bath & Blowout price. Perfect for “in between grooms.” Includes trimming of face, feet, paw pads and sanitary area.